What makes the Disney Cruise Line the Best for Families?

If you’re thinking of a family cruise, there’s nothing better than a Disney cruise! There are a few things that set the Disney Cruise Line above the other cruise lines. For most itineraries, the Disney Cruise Line is more expensive than other cruise lines, but the extra cost is well worth it. These are the main reasons that I love the Disney Cruise Line:

  • The staterooms. The staterooms on a Disney cruise ship are larger than on most other cruise lines. That help when you’ve got your children with you and lots of luggage to store. But the main thing I love about the staterooms on a Disney cruise ship are the split bathrooms. There is one side with the shower (and even a tub to bathe small children!), and then the other side has the sink area. This is especially helpful to our family, which has 3 teenage girls! There are also connecting staterooms for larger families. The newer ships, the Disney Dream and the Fantasy, have more of these connecting rooms than the Magic and the Wonder.
  • The food! Most people going on a cruise know that they will not be losing weight on this vacation, but the food on the Disney cruise ships is amazing! I can honestly say that I have never had a bad meal on a Disney cruise ship! And I love that your dining staff really does make the effort to get to know your family on your cruise. You will have your favorite beverage waiting for you, and your children will get their favorite desserts. If you’d like to get away for an adults-only meal, then be sure to try Palo or Remy (Remy is only offered on the Disney Dream and Fantasy). Our meal at Remy was honestly the best meal I have EVER had!
  • The dining experience. Speaking of food, dining on a Disney cruise ship is definitely an experience like no other! On other cruise lines, you may be going back to the same table in the same dining room each day. But that is not the way dining on a Disney cruise ship works! Disney offers rotational dining, which means you will be going to a different dining room each day. This just gives you an added experience when dining each evening. And your dining staff will move with you each night, so you will have the same people taking care of your family.
  • The entertainment. The entertainment on a Disney cruise ship is like no other. The nightly shows are simply amazing! It’s like you’re going to a different Broadway show every night!! And Disney is always working on new shows to keep everyone entertained. And don’t forget about all of the other types of entertainment onboard. My favorite is the pirate night party including fireworks on deck! Pirate night is included on almost every Disney cruise.
  • The kids’ clubs. The Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab take up almost an entire deck of the Disney cruise ship! This is an amazing space that your kids age 3-12 will love! In fact, when we went on our first cruise my girls never wanted to leave! They loved all of the amazing activities, fun and games that were available. Older kids will love the Vibe and the Edge to spend some time having fun away from mom and dad. And even the kids under the age of 3 have the “it’s a small world” nursery. The nursery is an added cost, but the other clubs are included in your cruise fare.

These are only a few of the reasons that you should consider a Disney cruise for your next family cruise. Your entire family will have an amazing time!! Disney offers itineraries to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and more! There is something for everyone on a Disney cruise. And remember, the Disney Cruise Line is not just for kids. Adults will love a Disney cruise too!